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Russell Westbrook fuels Thunder to improbable 1-0 lead over Warriors

westbrook-okc-game-1The game was in hand, the series outcome clear, the impenetrable fortress that is Oracle Arena claiming another victim. A dominant first half for the Golden State Warriors felt like nothing short of a formality.

And then Russell Westbrook happened. In a blur of athleticism, scoring and domination he shook the Warriors to their core and turned a rout into an eventual 108-102 Oklahoma City Thunder stunner. And changed, for now, the course of the Western Conference finals.

It was shocking to see, and not just because we have grown accustomed to Warriors home wins and mostly unfettered postseason greatness. Westbrook’s star turn came after he began the game on a 1-of-11 shooting slump that seemed destined to force him to eat those words from earlier in the day about Stephen Curry being “nothing I haven’t seen.”

What we hadn’t expected to see was just this level of Westbrook awfulness in such a key game: A first half that included 1-of-8 shooting, three miserly points, three turnovers. The four steals and eight assists over that stretch seemed, at the time, like statistical consolation prizes.


Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo helps a fan with his marriage proposal

rizzo-surprise-proposal-1024x683Cubs All-Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo is thus far enjoying an MVP-caliber campaign, as he’s batting .279/.419/.620 (172 OPS+) for the best team in baseball. As you’re about to see, Rizzo is also continuing to do his thing off the field.

Not long after his team’s win over the Pirates on Saturday, Rizzo helped out lifelong Cubs fans Steve Milsap as he proposed to his girlfriend Leslie during the Fanatics memorabilia show in Chicago. Have a look:

Excelsior! As you can see, Rizzo delivered his lines in proper fashion, and most importantly the answer was an unqualified yes. The sports-related marriage proposal always makes for treacherous shoals, but this approach beats a message on the jumbotron any day.

Congratulations to the lovely couple. Given the way the Cubs are playing, their year might get even better.